Minor League Baseball GM Gets A Prostate Exam While Singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

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Minor league baseball is absolutely wild.

Usually these wild MiLB stories come from the Savannah Bananas, one of the most entertaining teams in baseball with their flaming bats, dancing players and “Man-Nanas” dad bod cheerleading squad. But this time it’s the Eugene Emeralds out of Oregon that have me scratching – and shaking – my head.

During a seventh inning stretch recently, Allan Benavides, the manager of the triple-A affiliate for the San Francisco Giants performed a spirited rendition of the classic baseball song – and he did it while he had a finger up his butt.

Yes, Benavides performed the entire song while receiving a prostate exam.

What the hell are we even doing here?

It turns out that June was Men’s Health Awareness Month, so I’m assuming it had something to do with that. But man, you can just hear the nervousness in his voice as he starts the song, knowing that another man is about to have a finger up his rear end. And I’m pretty sure you can pinpoint the moment of insertion by the yelp that he let out when he was trying to say “crowd.”


Last night, our GM, Allan Benavides received a prostate exam while singing “take me out to the ballgame”. #prostateexam #7thinningstretch

♬ original sound – Eugene Emeralds

Hopefully everything was all good back there?

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