Batter Steps Up To Plate With His Bat Engulfed In Flames At Savannah Bananas Game… Ropes A Base Hit

A baseball player swinging a bat

Alright, I gotta somehow make it to a Savannah Bananas game ASAP.

For those who aren’t familiar yet (you will be soon), the team is basically the Harlem Globetrotters of minor league baseball (Coastal Plain League), as they’re dedicated to putting on a hilarious show every game.

We’ve seen them bring out 75-year-old Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame pitcher Bill Lee from the stands to go onto the field and strike out a guy, we’ve seen guys take at bats on stilts, pitchers and infielders twerking in the middle of the game, and so much more.

It truly is something unlike you’ve ever seen before. If you think baseball is boring, go to a Savannah Bananas game.

I mean, look at this stuff:

With that being said, in a recent game, a dude from the opposing team stepped up to the plate with his bat completely up in flames.

Now I have to admit, those flames are uncomfortably close to his hands, and I hope my guy is getting a damn good raise to pull off this gimmick.

However, he doesn’t suffer from third-degree burns, and proceeds to hit a single up the middle with the “fire bat.” I mean, he almost gets thrown out from center field, but still, a base hit nonetheless.

Needless to say, the Savannah Bananas are a damn gold mine at the moment, and have sold out every single game this season already.

Giving me Beric Dondarrion from Game Of Thrones vibes…

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A beer bottle on a dock