Texas IHOP Turns Into A Full Blown Royal Rumble… And Dad Was Powerless To Stop It

Ihop fight

Everyone loves a good Waffle House scrap, and there are PLENTY of them, but don’t sleep on IHOP people…

It gets crazy there too.

This wild scene comes to us from the lovely town of Victoria, Texas.

The largest city in Victoria County, Victoria is actually about a 2 hour drive from Houston, Austin, and San Antonio (talk about centrally located), and is also known for being billed as the hometown of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

And ironically enough, today, they’re known for turning the local IHOP into a full blown Royal Rumble. Only this time, Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn’t in the ring, it appeared to be family, possibly a mom, her daughters and some friends, trading haymakers and hair pulls with another group of women.

Oh, and dad was there too… regretting EVERYTHING.

And look, I don’t have an ounce of context other than it looks like we have a female-dominated family eating breakfast and talking shit with another group of gals

Based on some of the Facebook comments, it sounds like the group of three girls were drawing some looks about the way they were dressed, which turned into comments, which turned into a thrown booster seat, which turned into an all out brawl… but if anyone has the actual scoop, feel free to share.

Without further ado…

Let’s roll the tape:


I mean, just absolute chaos in its purest form.

Granted we’re looking at some pretty pathetic punches, a good amount of hair pulling and few good open hand slaps to the face, but for the purposes of this blog, let’s just focus on this poor ol’ dad.

To be fair, I don’t know if he’s actually “dad,” or how many of them are related, but we’re just going to refer to him as such for the remainder of the blog.

First of all, way to control your family dad. I mean, hell if that wasn’t the most half-assed attempt to break up a fight I’ve ever seen in my entire life. But based solely on his reaction to the rest of his table screaming at another group of girls, it’s pretty safe to assume that dad lost control of his life A LONG time ago.

But even if you lose all control of your family, your life, your dignity, and your entire will to live… that doesn’t mean you can’t jump in when your family is getting a beat down and start clearing some of these ladies out.

I mean, the dude just looked lost.

Eventually some fellas from the kitchen were able to run over break things up, but not before the whole fam took the L. The way they all flew out of that booth and then were holding each other back while the other two took the brunt of the fight was also a head scratcher.

You had the numbers, what’s the problem… mom not trying to violate her parole?

There was also an older woman in green who was trying to break up the whole thing… big time respect for risking it all to get in the middle of that. I’m a 33 year old grown-ass man and no way in hell I want any part of that.

And just all around great work by the camera girl here. The second that booster seat came over the booth she sprung into action, getting all the angles, capturing the magic… just a fantastic job from the start to finish.

You the real MVP.

Also, after watching that clown show, how hilarious is this wholesome IHOP commercial?

This world needs more than pancakes bro…

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