Throwback To Whiskey Myers And Shooter Jennings Face-Melting Cover Of Waylon Jennings’ 1984 Hit “Never Could Toe The Mark”

Where can I get this injected directly into my veins?

We’re going way back into the vault today, to the year 2014, when Shooter Jennings teamed up with Whiskey Myers for a face-melting cover of Shooter’s dad, Waylon Jennings’, hit song “Never Could Toe The Mark.”

The title track to his 1984 album, it was actually the only hit single from the record and peaked at #6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart the year it was released.

Never Could To The Mark was also the second to last album Waylon released with RCA Records, and he worked on it during a pivotal transitional time in his life. He was trying to get sober after 20-plus years of doing hard drugs, and he took the entire month of April off in 1984 to focus solely on that.

In the audio version of his autobiography Waylon, he recalled being in such bad shape in terms of his health that he needed to take a break from everything else.

Waylon also said he told his wife, Jessi Colter, that he’d always be a drug addict even if he was trying to rehab himself:

“I told Jessi I’d always be a drug addict and I’d always do cocaine, and that this was just temporary, to slow it down.”

He wound up renting a house in Arizona for a month and quitting drugs cold turkey, which he talked pretty openly about in the years following that time in his life. He attributes most of his motivation to do so to his youngest son, the aforementioned Shooter, who was very little at the time.

And though Waylon has many more successful singles that topped the country charts, this is such a damn good country song, and I could listen to the Whiskey Myers boys sing it with Shooter all day long.

I think we need a studio version of this…

Waylon’s original:

Whiskey Myers is also gearing up to release their 6th studio album, Tornillo, at the end of this month on July 29th.

They previously dropped three singles from the new record, including “John Wayne,” “Antioch,” and “Whole World Gone Crazy,” and “The Wolf.”

The band is currently out on the road for their Tornillo tour, as well, and I’m actually seeing them live for the first time tomorrow night in Charlotte, so needless to say, I’m PUMPED.

Check out some of the new singles:

“The Wolf”

“Whole World Gone Crazy”

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