Whiskey Myers Goes Full Throttle On Supercharged New Single “The Wolf” From Upcoming Album ‘Tornillo’

Khris Poage

Whiskey Myers is on a ROLL.

Not only did they just have three songs be certified platinum (“Stone,” “Ballad of a Southern Man,” and “Broken Window Serenade”) and one certified gold (“Virginia”) by RIAA at their Red Rocks debut, they’re gearing up to release their 6th studio album, Tornillo.

They’ve already dropped three singles from the new record, including “John Wayne,” “Antioch,” and “Whole World Gone Crazy,” and today, they put out the full throttle fourth single, “The Wolf.”

A solo write by frontman Cody Cannon, they lean heavily into that supercharged southern rock sound that we all love from Whiskey Myers, and it’ll about make you want to run through a brick wall.

From a production standpoint, it’s a five-and-a-half-minute barn burnin’ rocker full of horns and electric guitar, and even just reading the lyrics in the chorus gets me fired up:

“So who in the hell you think you’re playing with now
You done fucked around and let the wolf out
And I’ll be prowling while you sleep
You’re playing for fun I’m playing to eat”

Tornillo is slated to drop at the end of next month, on July 29th.

You’re definitely gonna wanna throw this one on the workout playlist…

“Whole World Gone Crazy”


Tornillo tracklist:

1. Tornillo
2. John Wayne
3. Antioch
4. Feet’s
5. Whole World Gone Crazy
6. For The Kids
7. The Wolf
8. Mission To Mars
9. Bad Medicine
10. Heavy On Me
11. Other Side
12. Heart Of Stone

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