Watch A Family’s Driveway Turn Into A Warzone With Fireworks Display Gone Wrong

A video game showing flames and smoke

This is a 4th of July celebration that took a turn for the worse…

Okay, okay, not only did it take a turn for the worse, but this looks (and sounds) like a scene from a war movie.

The wild footage was captured from a family’s home security camera, as they were simply enjoying some nice comradery with friends and family, grilling out, and lighting fireworks.

However, shit hits the fan real quick, as you can hear one of the people at the celebration sarcastically yell:


Of course, he was just joking as he follows it up with a laugh, but little did he know what was about to happen…

A few of the fireworks set off in different directions, with a few hitting the back of a car in the driveway.

It goes off one time, and you can see a little kid narrowly escape the blast. And next thing you know, a massive explosion goes off, and it looks like somebody had just dropped a bomb on the group of people from way up above.

Everybody scatters, and it appears nobody was seriously injured, which is a miracle considering the size of the blast.

We’ve all had some screw ups on 4th of July celebrations before in the past, but it’s hard for me to believe that there’s been a bunch of other people who’ve practically blown up their whole driveway before, just like these people did.

Nevertheless, it makes for a wild story to tell later.

And the cherry on top of this hilarious 4th of July sundae… the camera that caught the explosion was a “SimpliSafe” home security camera.

Ain’t nothing safe about this…

An incredible fireworks fail, no doubt… but it sure isn’t “Back up Terry”

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