Kevin Costner Says The Walls Are Pressing On John Dutton In Yellowstone Season 5: “He’s Going To Have To Do Something”

Kevin Costner Yellowstone

Kevin Costner has been quite a busy man here recently, considering he’s filming for Yellowstone season five, and directing his new western, Horizon, his first time directing since 2003’s Open Range. 

Although he has a lot on his plate, he still has a ton of focus directed towards Yellowstone season five, which officially premieres in November, as the Duttons may be facing their toughest challenge yet to keep their land, from businessmen, to environmentalists, to the Native Americans, and more.

If you watch the show, you know that all this drama is coming to a head, and something is bound to explode.

Although he didn’t go into much detail about season five, he did promise us one thing in a recent interview with Variety… there will be violence.

He explained:

“It’s been set up in a sense that there’s so much pressure on what’s coming for his land that he’s going to have to do something.

So we’re going to see what he did and does to stay ahead of it and I think that’s what John Dutton has to do, but the pressures about the land have been, always for this family…  got to hold on to it with a level of violence.”

He weighed in on the rivals he’ll be facing in the forthcoming season as well:

“The walls pressing on (John) are environmentalists, the Native American issues, politicians, the public outcry for more land.

So, he’s dealing with really modern problems.”

Not to mention taxes…

Costner, along with the rest of the Yellowstone cast, have been very vocal about their uncertainty about what Taylor Sheridan has for the storyline of the show from here on out, and the famed actor admitted he’s uncertain about if there will be a season six or not:

“I don’t know where it’s going. I think people feel they hit a formula and they want to keep it up. I know they want to make a decent story of it.

People are capitalizing on it and hopefully they’re doing it in an elegant, intelligent way.”

The good news? It appears that Yellowstone season five will be as action packed and bloody as ever.

Man, I really wish this thing was dropping tomorrow.

And if you’re forgetting what happened in Season 4, here’s a quick 15 minute refresher.

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