Billy Strings Jams With Leftover Salmon At The Historic Station Inn

Billy Strings country music

I have to confess… I am on a Billy Strings deep dive.

But, with his Rolling Stone article, jaw-dropping shows, and all of the premium content there is, I am not sorry about it.

If there is one thing we don’t do here at Whiskey Riff, it is hide the good music, so I am embracing my current obsession.

Behold, Billy Strings with Leftover Salmon.

Billy stopped by this historic and intimate Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee, at the end of May to stand in with Leftover Salmon. What’s better than Billy Strings with a phenomenal bluegrass jam band?

Nothing, literally nothing.

“Troubled Times”

Leftover Salmon has been around for 30 years, making progressive bluegrass music.

Their newest album, released in 2021, Brand New Good Old Days, highlights their constantly evolving sound.

“Boogie Grass Band”

The band is always looking for ways to keep the sound of bluegrass alive and present. Strings paired with them does just that. Old meets new, a sound reborn.

A highlight video from the collection of Station Inn content is their “Aquatic Hitchhiker” performance.

The 15-minute long jam session contains insane licks from each band member and Strings himself. Strings has a devilish look at the start of the video, as he knows they are about to raise some hell.

“Aquatic Hitchhiker”

It is rumored that Leftover Salmon was in the studio cutting some tracks during this time in Nashville. Given that Strings has a longstanding history with the band, I hope these songs see the light of day.

You love to see a rising star preserve the sound with the greats that have come before him.

Bluegrass is alive and well in the USA.

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