A Luke Combs Remake Of Alan Jackson & Clint Black’s ’90s Miller Lite Commercial? Miller Says “What’s Stopping Us?”

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I’m fully convinced at this point in my life that everything was just better in the ’90s.

I’m talking about sports, music, clothing (back when trucker hats and jorts were socially acceptable at all times), and hell, even the commercials.

Every now and then I’ll find myself scrolling through some of these commercials of country artists teaming up together, like Willie and Waylon’s iconic ’96 Pizza Hut ad, Tim and Tug McGraw’s early 2000s Bud Light commercial, and Willie’s early ’90s Taco Bell ad.

However, in my personal opinion, I’m not sure if any of those commercials come within the same area code of Alan Jackson and Clint Black’s ’90s Miller Lite commercial.

From the “western draw” intro, to the catchy jingle, to the people partying their absolute asses off like there’s no tomorrow in the background, it’s just a mashup of everything that made the ’90s one of the best decades ever.

We reposted the old ad last Friday, and it drew some attention from no other than Luke Combs himself.

In fact, he admitted he is willing to remake it:

“Miller Lite I’ve said it before. We should remake this.”

Of course, we never thought in a million years it would happen, but it appears that Miller Lite is ready to bring back the fun:

“What’s stopping us?”

Could it be? Could there possibly be a remake of one of the greatest country/beer combo commercials of all-time?

How about Luke, AND Alan and Clint?

Fingers crossed.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock