Mississippi Weatherman Savagely Roasts The Dallas Cowboys While Talking About The Heat: “Peaking In The ’90s”

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Gonna need some ice for that burn…and not just from the heat.

A Mississippi weatherman is going viral for taking a savage shot at the Dallas Cowboys during his report on the scorching heat wave currently gripping much of the country. (It’s miserable here in Nashville. And they want us to keep our AC at 78 degrees? Nah dawg, not happening).

And as if the heat isn’t bad enough, Ethan Bird, a weatherman and sports anchor for WTOK in Meridian, Mississippi decided to roast “America’s Team” during his forecast:

“Now we look at our 10-day forecast, it’s looking a little bit like those Dallas Cowboys, peaking in the 90s.”


But also hilarious, because if you’re a fan of any other team you probably still have to hear about how every year is going to be the Cowboys’ year, despite the fact that they haven’t really been relevant or won a conference championship since the mid-1990s.

Yeah, the Cowboys have to be one of the most delusional NFL fan bases year after year, so I’d say that there are fans of 31 other teams who are laughing their ass off at this one.

I mean…

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