Indiana Fishermen Discover Sex Toy Inside 20-Pound Catfish After Fishing The Ohio River

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Well this is something you don’t see everyday.

According to FOX 59, two Shelbyville, Indiana men were fishing on the Ohio River, when they reeled in a nice 20-pound catfish for one of the first catches of the day.

It was nothing too out of the ordinary, but anglers Richard Kesar and Jon Hoop noticed there was something off about this relatively “normal” catch.

It was obvious there was something big inside the catfish’s stomach, which then again, isn’t too obscure considering it’s pretty normal to find objects or other wildlife inside a fish’s stomach.

Kesar weighed in:

“We noticed when we got it in the boat that its stomach was huge… It’s common to find other fish, sometimes turtles, muskrats, and other animals.”

Kesar said he then felt around inside the catfish’s stomach, feeling two hard objects inside, and they were definitely not eggs.

He continued:

“We decided to cut it open, and we found the foam ball, part of a fish, and the other object.”

And that “other object?” An adult sex toy. A dildo… to be exact.

So ya’ll people up on the Ohio River like doing the dirty deed on ya’ll’s boats up there, aye?

Sheesh, I don’t wanna know…

Kesar admitted that he had no idea how the object made its way into the river, and perhaps the funniest part is that his wife and three-year-old daughter were there to witness the “rare” catch.

Can you imagine? Not exactly the time of place you want to have that discussion…

Kesar said:

“When it came out Jon, my wife, and I started laughing. My wife immediately covered my daughter’s eyes and turned her away from it.

It’s definitely something that doesn’t happen often.”

Fishing is all about making great memories and great stories… and Rich has one helluva funny one now.

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