It’s A Shame That Justin Moore And Miranda Lambert’s Duet “Old Habits” Wasn’t A Massive Hit

Justin Moore, Miranda Lambert are posing for a picture

Tell me this song isn’t better than just about anything on the radio.

It seems that artists are releasing a ton of duets these days. Whether it’s a push by the label to get smaller artists a radio hit, or whether artists are just having fun recording with their buds, there are more duets on the radio than ever before.

But one of the absolute best duets – and one of the best songs – of the last decade never made it to radio.

I’m talking, of course, about Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert‘s 2013 duet “Old Habits.”

A heartbreak anthem about the struggles of trying to get over someone after a breakup, the incredible duet was included on Justin’s 2013 Off the Beaten Path album.

And according to Justin, he tried to get the song released as a single. I mean, he had to have known that it would have been a massive hit.

But unfortunately, record label politics got in the way:

“I’d love nothing more for the opportunity for that song to be a single. But there’s backroom stuff that the fans don’t really care to hear about that make it at least challenging to do that.” 

Unfortunately, Miranda already had a duet on the radio at the time, her 2013 duet with Keith Urban “We Were Us.” And her label, understandably, didn’t want her to compete with herself (probably because “Old Habits” would have blown the other song out of the water).

So unfortunately the song never got the recognition it deserved, and millions of fans never got the chance to hear this incredible duet.

It’s a damn shame. But hey, artists are starting to re-release old songs as new singles now. So maybe someday this one will finally get to see the light of day at country radio – and finally become the massive hit it deserves to be.

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