Kelly Reilly On Getting Into Character For Beth Dutton: “Hike My Skirt Up, Drive Fast, Light A Cigarette, & Just Go For It”

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Beth Dutton might be the most polarizing character on the Paramount Network hit series, Yellowstone.

Beauty, brains, bravado… she’s a triple threat of badass, leaving a trail of broken hearts and broken men in her wake.

I mean, we all remember her signature “I’m the tornado, you’re the trailer park line,” right? Hell, if that isn’t the truth.

Whether it’s her enemies, or even the people she loves dearly, Beth Dutton keeps everybody guessing, fierce with every emotion. Whether she’s happy or sad, at peace or angry, laughing or crying… it’s full throttle, all gas… no brakes.

Some call her their spirit animal, but of course they’re just lying to themselves. Beth is one of a kind. Meanwhile, others find her cruel and unhinged… look no further than her treatment of Carter for that outrage.

Even Kevin Costner, who plays her father and the Dutton patriarch John Dutton calls Beth “unmanageable.”

In a recent sit down, alongside Kelly Reilly, with Good Morning America, Kevin and Kelly weighed in on what makes Beth such an incredible character, as well as how they make that on screen relationship come alive.

And believe it or not, Beth’s personality is quite the opposite of the sweet and soft-spoken Kelly Reilly. So how does she get into character? Channel her inner badass:

“I hike my skirt up, drive a bit fast, light a cigarette, and just go for it. It’s a thrill ride… I mean, she’s an animal.

I feel incredibly blessed that I have such a challenging dynamic and an incredibly alive character.”

Costner adds:

“She’s unmanageable… she’s just really unmanageable and everybody wants to be Beth. I mean, everybody wishes… but I’m not the only one who’s made that distinction. The whole world goes, ‘she’s unmanageable.'”

On working alongside the great Kevin Costner, Reilly says that they take care of each other. Especially in the really intense scenes:

“We take care of one another, that’s the thing I feel most. I feel like he takes care of me and we’re players in a team… we’re on the same side.”

Production for Season 5 is already underway, with a premiere date of November 13th.

The two-part, 14-episode Season 5 is primed to be the biggest season so far for the Taylor Sheridan show, garnering a lot of Emmy speculation after a bit of a surprising awards show drought through the first four seasons.

And while it’s not all about awards, Costner says they’ve been working hard for years on this show and they will continue to work hard… awards or not:

“You always hope that your work’s just not disposable, you know? We’ve been working for four years… so I think the lesson there is we work just as hard in the first year and the second year and the third year.

And nothing changes with this.”


Watch the full conversation:

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