Kelly Reilly Says Don’t Expect Beth Dutton To Calm Down In Yellowstone Season 5: “Fierceness Is Ramping Up”

Beth Dutton Yellowstone

Marriage calming Beth Dutton down?

Not a chance…

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Yellowstone actress Kelly Reilly weighed in on whether or not her character Beth Dutton might mellow out a bit now that she’s finally married to Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), and they basically have an adopted son in Carter (Finn Little).

But that won’t be the case for Season 5.

And believe it or not, Reilly says Beth is gonna turn it up even more:

“The problem is, how do we top it every year, right? Just when I think Beth might be trying to mellow down a little bit, she’s a married woman, that’s not happening.

I mean, the married woman part’s happening but the calming down. So, it’s just, the fierceness is legitimately ramping up.”

That being said, she does confess that her new marriage to Rip might give her more stability that she’s ever had before:

“In a strange way, I think Beth is quite old-fashioned in her values. I think the fact that this man is now her husband, it holds a lot of power.

But he’s always been her guy since she was 16 years old. He’s the only man, other than her father,  that she’s ever loved.

So, the fact that it’s official in God’s eyes, it’s something I think she’s incredibly proud of and it probably gives her a little more stability.”

Nevertheless, if you were hoping to see the same ruthless, powerful, badass, borderline psychopath Beth in Season 5, you’re in luck.

You can check out the full interview below:

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