This “First Drink Vs. Last Drink” Viral Wedding Video Is An Instant Classic

A couple of women holding wine glasses

If you’re around the age of 21 and older, you’re probably accustomed to the wedding scene at this point. And if you’re about 30 (and have a decent amount of friends), you probably have 10 weddings to go this summer…

For dry (AKA miserable) weddings, you have a nice little ceremony, go to the reception and eat some good food, and quietly go back home and be in bed by 10 PM.

Of course, you have the fair share of people (like me) who simply can’t get through a dry wedding ceremony, so you stuff your boots full of mini-bottles and ice down a cooler of beer in the car, and make a disappear to the car a few times unnoticed during the reception with the couple of other degenerate buddies you have there.

And then you have the open bar weddings, where everybody cracks open their drink all merry and cheerful as soon as they get to the reception, start to party their ass off on the dancefloor, and eventually turning into mindless zombies just swaying to the beat while they’re on their last leg of drinks by the end of the night.

It oughta be one helluva sight for the sober people at the open bar weddings, seeing the timeline of events unfold caused by a shit ton of alcohol.

Lucky for us who enjoy to have a few too many at weddings, somebody went out of their way to document people’s first and last drinks at a wedding, and it’s absolute gold.

For each bit, everybody is all smiles, putting together perfectly functional and understandable sentences during the first drink, but by the end, everybody is having a hard time standing up and talking in a foreign language that’s unknown to any human on this planet.

Not to mention, they all look like they’ve been through war.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock