Johnny Depp Spent $62,000 On An Indian Food Feast To Celebrate His Huge Victory In His Defamation Trial Against Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Jeff Beck et al. posing for a photo
Varanasi Birmingham

I mean, you knew Johnny Depp was gonna go all out celebrating if he won his defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

And according to the New York Post, Depp shelled out a cool $62,000 on celebratory curry dinner with his friends at a restaurant called Varanasi on Sunday evening in Birmingham, England. I mean, it’s not like I thought he was gonna just throw a pizza party and call it a day, but damn… that’s no cheap dinner.

The staff there did say that he was a “very lovely, down-to-earth bloke,” as he dined with friends, including guitarist Jeff Beck, and 20 other people.

Mohammed Hussain, operations director of Varanasi, said Johnny spent time speaking with staff and taking pictures with all of them, and was happy to do so:

“[He] spent a lot of time speaking with the staff, our friends and family and was happy to pose for pictures with them.

You would never have thought that he was such a big star. He had a lot of time for us all.”

Oh, and Johnny was apparently really interested in how the CCTV cameras in the restaurant worked.

Of course, a jury in Fairfax county, Virginia, recently found that Amber Heard calling Depp a sexual abuser was defamation on all three counts.

And with the jury also deciding to award Depp with $15 million in damages – $10 million in compensatory damages for his lost movie opportunities, and $5 million in punitive damages (although punitive damages are capped at $350k in Virginia, where the case is taking place), it sounds like this meal was likely on Amber Heard.

But Johnny didn’t get off free and clear either: In Heard’s countersuit against Depp, the jury also found that Depp defamed Amber when his attorney, Adam Waldman, claimed that Heard set up Depp in a hoax when the police came to her apartment in 2016.

The jury awarded Heard only $2 million in compensatory damages and no punitive damages. They also dismissed Heard’s other claims of defamation against Depp.

The actor has always maintained his innocence, after Heard’s Washington Post essay where she claimed to have been sexually assaulted.

The shit show circus of a trial is officially over now, but at least we’ll always have the highlights for a good laugh when we need one…

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