Reds OF Tommy Pham Slapped The Hell Out Of Joc Pederson… Over A Fantasy Football Argument

Joc Pederson with blonde hair

Well, this might be the most bizarre reasons for a fight I’ve ever seen.

San Francisco Giants outfielder Joc Pederson says he was slapped by Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham during batting practice, before last night’s game.

Gave him the ol’ Will Smith…

And the reason for the fight?

A fantasy football disagreement… or so Pederson says.

“We were in a fantasy league together. I put somebody, a player, on the injured reserve when they were listed as out and added another player.

And then there was a text message in the group saying that I was cheating because I was stashing players on the bench.”

He then said he screenshotted the rules of fantasy football, showing he was in the right. However, he also claimed that Pham did something similar during the league as well.

Pederson recalled the wild exchange:

“There was a decent amount of people around. I didn’t get emotional. I don’t think violence is the answer, I guess you could say.

It was an unfortunate situation over a fantasy football rule. It wasn’t a rule.”

Absolutely hilarious to watch a grown man explain a bitch slap to the media… over fantasy football.

Good Lord…

All of us fantasy football leaguers have probably gotten a little more worked up than necessary over games, but SHEESH.

Throwing hands over what sounds like a roster move?


Footage from behind the plate shows the “benches clearing” after the slap”

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A beer bottle on a dock