Man Captures Once In A Lifetime Footage Of Wolverine Violently Attacking A Reindeer In A Snowstorm

These things are easily the scariest critters in the woods.

Wolverines have no fear, are incredibly aggressive, and will go at (usually successfully) other animals five times their size.

Seeing one is extremely rare, so anytime a video pops up it’s worth a watch even to just admire them for their unique looks.

This one is insane though. A lot of the wolverine videos involve some sort of confrontation, but it’s pretty crazy when you think of the size difference between a wolverine and a reindeer.

The video starts and it looks like a struggling reindeer with a large scarf around its neck just trying to stay warm. I mean, it’s snowing something fierce here (it appears to be Norway).

Then you realize the reindeer is fighting for its life. As it swings some animal around. As it flips over you notice the silver streak up its back.

A wolverine.

The pair go on, the reindeer shakes as the wolverine attacks its neck and seems to be completely in control despite the large size difference.

The reindeer flips and fights hard. But the wolverine just seems to be on another level. As the wolverine gets flipped off, its movement nearly looks fake as it deeks out the reindeer and jumps out of nowhere at it.

The reindeer fights hard but eventually the wolverines speed and fearlessness become to tiring for it. The video ends with the wolverine having the upper hand as the reindeer was clearly defeated.

According to the man who took the video, the reindeer left with severe injuries and the wolverine more than likely just followed the trail of blood until it died.

This is crazy and all to happen in a snow storm too… a once in a lifetime video.

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