Johnny Depp & His Legal Team Are Dumbfounded By Bizarre Testimony Of Amber Heard’s Psychiatrist Expert Witness

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I’m now fully convinced that this Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial is the biggest clown show on TV at the moment.

Forget the fact that Heard literally took a sh*t” (which she blamed the dog for) on his side of the bed. Forget the insane text Depp sent to one of his buddies years back, saying he would “f*ck her burnt corpse afterwards.”

Hell, even forget Depp’s doorman ripping his vape while testifying online during the trial…

Because yesterday, Heard’s psychiatrist, Dr. David Spiegel, testified, and it may have been one of the most bizarre testimonies I’ve ever seen.

First off, he looks like he’s tweaking on some kind of drug throughout, clinching his jaw and rolling his tongue around in the most bizarre and cringeworthy fashion.

On top of that, he was questioned about a statement during deposition, where he said he based his analysis of Depp off his performances on The Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Of course, he corrected himself by saying he misspoke:

“What I said was I’ve seen Mr. Depp do apology adds… I’ve seen him interact with the media regarding to that, I saw no delay in processing speed.

I apologize for what I said. I misspoke.”

Naturally, the attorney asked Dr. Spiegel if he based his analysis off Depp’s performance in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Dr. Spiegel asked the judge if he “had to answer that,” and she said yes. He responded:

“No, you’ll be happy to know I didn’t see Willy Wonka. I didn’t see 21 Jump Street when it happened. No I did not.”

I mean come on, this trial is so deep into a pile of shit that we have a dude testifying about if he’s seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and 21 Jump Street.

Perhaps the best part of Dr. Spiegel’s spiel, is that Depp and his team are all laughing their asses off.

Also, people have been bombing Dr. Spiegel’s site with negative reviews:

The internet is also getting some hilarious Christopher Lloyd vibes:

You can watch Dr. Spiegel’s full testimony here:

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