Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp’s Dog Pooped In The Bed After Eating Weed

Amber Heard

As this Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial continues to unravel, we’ve seen heard some wild stories that have come about from what appeared to be an incredibly toxic relationship.

For one, old text messages resurfaced of Depp telling one of his buddies that he’d “F*ck her (Heard’s) burnt corpse afterwards.”

Yeah, that’s pretty effed if you ask me…

And on the other side, Depp claimed that Heard took a shit on his side of the bed one time, giving one of the wildest descriptions I’ve ever heard:

“It was so outside, so bizarre, and so grotesque, that I could only laugh.”

Speaking of the poop in the bed story, Heard herself weighed in on the claims…

And she’s blaming the dog… after it ate weed.

According to TMZ, he testified about the fight that allegedly occurred around her 30th birthday, which led up to the story, after claiming that Depp had touched her pubic bone and asked:

“You wanna be tough like a man?”

She then said that Depp’s dog Boo was experiencing bowel issues after eating weed from Depp’s marijuana stash right before her and her friends left for Coachella, leading up to Boo pooping in the bed.

Of course, Depp disagreed, saying that it was much too big to be from a dog.

Depp’s driver at the time Starling Jenkins recalled a story Heard told him about a prank gone wrong, but Heard said that wasn’t possible because she wasn’t in the “pranking mood.”

Just when the story couldn’t get any more strange…

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