Twitter Roasts Bubba Wallace’s Pit Crew After They Screw Him Out Of The Chance To Win At Kansas

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It’s no secret that Bubba Wallace and company have been struggling on pit road this season.

Aside from his runner-up finish at the Daytona 500, he’s ran into some bad luck here lately, and that narrative reigned true this past weekend at the NASCAR Cup Series at Kansas, where he finished 10th.

And the worst part? He genuinely had a shot to win the race, but some issues in the pit involving an uncontrolled tire violation may have shot down any of those chances, as Wallace watched his 23XI teammate Kurt Busch take the victory.

He was sitting at 5th when a pit road violation sent him to the back. He managed to battle back for a Top 10 finish, but his car was fast yesterday and he had a shot at winning.

Wallace tweeted out after the tough finish:

“At the end of the day. YOU control your own destiny. You have a choice when adversity meets you. Flop… or Fight…

Hungrier than ever”

Of course, he’s not gonna put the blame on his team, but fellow driver and co-owner of 23XI Denny Hamlin admitted that he has every right to be frustrated out there:

“He should be frustrated… listen, I passed #45 pretty early, easily in traffic, but I couldn’t pass the #23. He was really, really fast, I mean extremely fast.

The results don’t show it, but like I said, as a team, we’re letting him down right now.”

Hamlin admitted that the issue needs to be fixed “internally,” which may have hinted towards Wallace’s crew:

“We gotta work through some issues on pit road certainly.

I think we have to figure out how to manage races. And you don’t always have to have ‘Hail Mary’ stops in my opinion, sometimes you gotta run the ball and have a solid stop with no mistakes to keep you in the game.”

Although Wallace may not express his full frustration with the internal issues his team has faced this season, Twitter didn’t hold back:

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