Fisherman Has To Fight Off Crocodile To Get His Fish In The Boat

There’s nothing like having something crazy happen fishing.

Part of the joy of fishing is that it’s inherently relaxing. But when shit goes off the rails, it always makes for great stories afterwards.

This is one of those fishing stories that if you heard it without any proof there would be major doubt in the truthfulness of it. But this fella won’t have this problem as he has it all caught on video.

As the video starts, this Aussie lad fishing in the Northwest Territory is clearly very upset.

But as he moves and the scene unfolds you notice a crocodile at the end of his line. Yes, it is stealing his fish.

Now the average fisherman might just move along, chalk it up to tough luck. But these Australians are built different, and dealing with wildlife is just par for the course over there.

Crocs, poisonous snakes, spiders the size of your head… to be honest, Australia kind of scares the hell outta me.

But even when one of his friends suggest cutting the line, this guy doesn’t listen. He is committed to landing what seems like a barramundi on the line.

The fisherman fights and fights and the croc is fighting back just as hard… it will come down to will and power in this battle.

But the crocodile makes a big mistake and starts coming in closer to the boat. The fisherman reels in and gets it in close enough so his buddy can hit it with the net.

The crazy part is, it worked.

He gave the croc a proper wack, the croc lets go, and the man starts fighting the fish that has somehow stayed alive and on the hook through all of this.

The croc wacker gets the net ready and scoops up the fish as everyone celebrates.

Atta be boys.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock