Man Fights 66-Pound King Salmon, Salmon Fights Back

Head on a s wivel…

The video shows a man fishing in the Kenai River in Alaska, home to some of the most pristine wilderness on planet Earth. It also offers some of the best fishing in the whole world. Wildlife is everywhere up there and it’s awesome.

Following a rule called Bergmann’s Rule that states the farther North you go the larger the animals will be. This means wildlife tends to be larger up there than the rest of The U.S.

Although the rule doesn’t necessarily apply to fish, this one is a big one. These fellas have a large King Salmon on the line, you can hear them chatting about it as they fisherman fights it.

Now, I’ve seen some things fishing and lots of videos of others fishing but this is something wild.

The fight came to an abrupt ending when the salmon comes straight out of the water at the fisherman, seemingly slapping him right in the face.

The fish actually can be seen hitting the fisherman with some force, knocking both the fisherman down. The fish ended up being a 66-pounder bruiser, literally.

“66 pound (based length and girth measurements) King Salmon jumps into the boat on the Kenai River. It knocked over 2 people, broke the rod… a fish tale worth sharing.”

Imagine getting hit with a 66-pound slab of beef… not a good time. Thankfully, it sounds like nobody was injured, but what a tough way to land a fish.

But hey, it worked out well for them… they didn’t even need to net it and it wound up right in the boat.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock