There’s A ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ Movie Coming Soon, Starring… Daniel Radcliffe?

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If you were around in the ’90s, there’s a very good chance you grew up laughing your ass off to the “Weird Al” Yankovic parody videos.

You know, “Amish Paradise,” “White & Nerdy,” “Like a Surgeon,” you know what I mean… and if you don’t, you’re either too young, lying, or an uncultured buffoon.

Now that your memory is refreshed a bit, I’m here to let you all know that there is currently a Weird: The Al Yankovic Story movie in the works, and it’s starring no other than Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself, wearing a fake ass afro.

According to the trailer, it appears to be all about Weird Al’s rise to fame, becoming an American parody sensation, his behind the scene struggles, and how he began to play his famous accordion.

I’ll admit, it looks a little cheesy, and weird, but it’s also called Weird: The Al Yankovic Story for a reason, so I’d expect nothing less.

It’s coming this fall to The Roku Channel.

Check it out:

And just to go down memory lane and relive the good old childhood days:

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