Man Beats A Snake With A Tree Branch To Save Deer Who’s About To Be Squeezed To Death

Wildlife is incredible.

I mean, what would a snake do with a deer anyways? Swallow it whole and not eat for the next 6 months? Crazier things have happened…

It doesn’t seem like the best choice for prey, but hey, a snake like this will do whatever it wants to and I won’t be arguing with it. And I certainly wouldn’t be beating it with a stick to save a deer…

This guy wanted to the events to be over and clear the roadway at this zoo in Thailand.

The video starts with something moving around a motionless deer. Oh, it’s a large snake strangling it to death. The deer seems to be at the end of the road.

Then a tree branch being held by a person pops into view. The man beats the snake with the leafy end of the stick. The snake is unpleased with the interruption and lunges towards the man.

The man flips his stick around and starts pokes the snake a few times.

As the old saying goes, “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole.”

Usually, it’s used in different context, but it’s highly appropriate here too…

Anyways, the snake clearly didn’t like being poked and decided to make a break for it. As it unravels itself from the deer, the deer literally gets flipped over and the life snaps back into it and it gets up and takes off for safety. The snake clearly had a death grip going on, and the deer probably didn’t have much time left.

Both animals head opposite directions and the road is cleared.

Success… and insanity.

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