12-Year Old Reels In Monster Sturgeon All By Himself, Ties Idaho State Record

A man and a boy on a paddle board in a river

It’s always good to see young people getting into the great outdoors.

Seeing a young person having an amazing experience that they will remember forever makes it even better.

And then… hooking state record monsters makes it EVEN BETTER.

White Sturgeon are always amazing to see caught. Whether is a 350-pound from a kayak, a guide with a 10.5-footer, or a retired NHL player catching a beauty, these prehistoric-looking dinosaur fish are just incredible to witness.

A fish that can live to 100-years old and weigh up to 1,500 pounds, I would certainly be running to the river to try and catch one. Even if you don’t get a record catch, if its half way there its bigger than most fish.

According to KTVB, Tyler Grimshaw, a 12-year old from Idaho, tied the catch and release record for the state when he landed a 9-foot 11-inch Sturgeon.

Tyler went out fishing with his father and guide Joe Weisner, when he hooked into the beast and fought it for 50-minutes. Weisner was impressed by the catch of the day and state.

“A fish of this caliber, I mean, it doesn’t come around very often. I have caught and seen hundreds of these fish to my boat. It’s what I do for a living and this one was truly special … It’s an absolute giant.

“He stayed on that fish for 50 minutes, he was not giving up on it. He took the rod between his legs and he basically was squatting on the rod, just using his own body weight for leverage.”

Grimshaw the young fisherman that has been fishing for a while will definitely be even more hooked after this. He was pretty happy with the catch too.

“This fish was far bigger than anything I had seen before. I was at a loss for words.”

That’s what its all about.

A 12-year old getting a state record fish, something he will chase for the rest of his life now. Along with a story he will tell forever too.

Weisner and his crew measured the fish to confirm the record and they released it back into the river.

He summed it all up just perfectly.

“It’s just one of those moments, though, that it was truly, truly incredible”

Gotta love it.

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“Holy Crap! The White Wale! This beast taped out at 9’11” and tied the Idaho catch and release record.

This fish was also landed in 50 mins by this stud of a 12 year old young man! Such a cool experience.

We have sturgeon dates available. Will you be the one to break this record?”


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