Feast Your Eyes On This Beauty Of 10.5-Foot White Sturgeon

A couple of men with a fish

There’s just something about them.

It’s not just their size, because there are other fish that get that big. It has something to do with their look for sure, so prehistoric, but it’s not fully that either.

It has to be a combination of the two, mixed in with the fact they are coming out of fresh water and are just simply amazing. It just so happens that some of the best sturgeon fishing comes from some very beautiful areas too.

Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co. got some pretty great footage of a massive White Sturgeon in British Columbia, Canada.

“Check this out, this fish is 10.5 feet, probably 500 maybe 600 pounds, we were just able to tag it, so it’s probably never been caught before, now we’re going to release it back into the river, wooowww”

That’s what it’s all about… a fishing guide of 20 years still getting fired up catching a dandy.

Pure proof that the thrill of a big fish of your favorite species only gets better with time.

The best part about these monsters is that the fishery is actually really good for the fish. It has helped establish hard set rules and regulations making it a world class model for similar fisheries.

“White Sturgeon have thrived in the Fraser River for millennia. Provincial Fisheries legislation has established guidelines and conservation practices that have contributed to a world-class catch and release fishery that has earned acclaim across the globe.

This model program consistently produces healthy catches of Sturgeon of between 2-12 feet in length. Sturgeon can live up to 150 years and weigh in at over 1000 pounds”

Now that sounds like a fish… one that I really, really would like to catch.

Can you imagine catching a 12-foot 1000-pound fish out of a river in North America? It’s just so high on the bucket list of fishing trips that I want to join in on.

I don’t even care if I catch one, I just one to see one of these monsters’ surface with my own eyes.

Impressive stuff, thanks for the adding another fish, location and trip to the long list of places and fish already on it. If I fished for two lifetimes, I’m not sure I could get it all in.

But that’s the best part about fishing, you always discover something spectacular like this that keeps you pushing forward to fish something new and get more wild stories for the book.

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