Koe Wetzel Shares One-Minute Teaser Of Studio Version Of “April Showers,” Says It’s Coming Soon

“April Showers” is coming SOON.

Koe Wetzel posted a new, one-minute studio teaser of his new song, saying that we should be hearing the full version in the very near future.

He’s been teasing this one for a few weeks now, playing it at the shows on his headlining tour and even posting a few TikToks with shorter clips of the studio version over the weekend.

I saw him just a couple weeks ago in Columbia, South Carolina, where he played the new tune (though he didn’t reveal the name), and he said they were filming something for a live performance during that specific song… and now, we know exactly what that meant.

I know this teaser is only of the chorus, but the song is already a certified banger:

Of course, this is likely just the beginning of much more new music to come from Koe, as he’s been in the studio down in Texas working on a new record. He already confirmed not long ago that it was almost done, and he would be dropping a new album sometime this year.

We also know that it will likely include some sort of collaboration with Diplo, and that it will be along the lines of the alternative sound we know and love already before he dives headfirst into country:

“We’re throwing out all the stops on this record. It’s more alternative, southern rock, heavier rock than what we’re used to. But I wanted this record to be that before I started making my country music.

This record does have some country sounding songs, but overall it’s more of an alternative record.

I just wanted to go in and kinda give everybody somethin’ to chew on before they got the full country record.”

Buckle up, people… the beginning of KW5 is likely upon us.

One of the YouTube comments summed it best, though, with Koe and Snoop Dogg’s 4/20 show right around the corner:

“Take a lesson from Snoop, drop it like its hot. Cause we all know it’s hot.”


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