Eric Church Safe From Eternal Scorn (Kind Of) After North Carolina Pulls Off Upset Final Four Victory Over Duke

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Well, it looks like Eric Church may have made the right call.

Of course, he caused a massive stir this past week after he announced that he was canceling his show this weekend in San Antonio so that he could attend the Final Four matchup between his UNC Tar Heels and the  Duke Blue Devils with his family.

People had tons of opinions about whether or not he was doing the right thing, and fans who were supposed to see his concert in Texas were rightfully pissed. Eric has planned a free show in September for all of the fans he cancelled on, but you knew he’d never hear the end of it no matter what if Carolina didn’t come up with a win last night.

And in case you live under a rock and haven’t heard the news, the Tar Heels came out on top by a score of 81-77,  sending coach K and the Blue Devils out with an L. They’ll play Kansas in the National Championship tomorrow night.

And while I probably have the worst take of all, because in all honesty, as a native North Carolinian (who doesn’t really care about either team), I would’ve done the same exact thing… this tweet sums it up best:

And now that Eric is safe from eternal scorn (for the most part) for canceling the show and bailing on thousands of fans last minute, (some) people are weighing in with a new perspective, or coming to his defense, saying there’s no doubt now that he made the right decision:

Even Travis Tritt got a word in on the ordeal yesterday (you can read about other artist reactions here):

And a look at the insane celebrations on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill last night:

While coach K has had one hell of a career, you know he absolutely hates that he ended his March Madness run during his last season in the Final Four losing to his archival, Carolina, playing them in that game for the first time ever:

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