NASCAR Driver Christopher Bell Hits Jackman With Car, Still Gets The Car Up To Make The Tire Change

Christopher Bell NASCAR

NASCAR may often be looked at as an individual sport, but it couldn’t further from the truth.

The driver may be the hero, but there’s an entire pit crew, crew chief, spotter, mechanics, not to mention the other teams under the same ownership… it takes a village to bring home wins week in and week out.

But in addition to the drivers risking their lives out there on the track, there’s another group of dudes that put themselves in harm’s way as well…

We’re talking about the pit crew.

When you watch these guys in the pit, they make changing tires, filling up the gas tank, and other necessities the car needs in about 12 seconds or so… and they make it look easy.

Does dodging cars sound easy? If this video doesn’t put it in perspective, I don’t know what does:

During yesterday’s Cup Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Christopher Bell’s jackman David O’Dell was ready to put his body on the line to make the number 20 Dewalt sponsored car, was good to go.

And when I say put his body on the line, I mean the man was willing to lose his leg.

As Bell came flying into the pit, O’Dell dodges the number 99 car of Daniel Suarez in the stall ahead of them, and ends up getting his right leg nailed by the front end of Bell’s car.

That wasn’t slowing him down though, and he proceeded to keep his balance, get the jack under the car, and get the job done.

That’s some serious devotion to your team right there.

According to, O’Dell was treated and released from the care center, but was unable to rejoin the team for the rest of the race. However, his injury wasn’t deemed that serious and he’s expected to be on pit road next week in Texas.

Bell, who appeared to finish 2nd at Atlanta yesterday was actually flagged for passing below the line which sent him to the back of the lead lap. He wound up finishing 23rd.

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