‘Yellowstone’ Is Officially The Most Successful TV Series Of 2021 – Raked In Over $100 Million

Yellowstone Dutton

Well this is the least surprising thing you’ll hear all day.

It’s no secret that Yellowstone Season 4 was the most anticipated show in 2021, and the stats proved that.

The show continues to break its own records with groundbreaking numbers.

With that being said, the Paramount Network announced today that Yellowstone was the most successful franchise of 2021, for both physical and digital transactional media, according to Collider.

The series wracked up over $100 million in 2021, including sales in digital.

However, the series is nowhere near done, as it continues to break records in 2022, as their Blue-Ray release of season four had the highest first-week physical sales for a TV series since 2019’s Game of Thrones.

Not to mention, we have a whole universe of Taylor Sheridan content coming, such as spinoff 1932, the 6666 Ranch spinoff series, and a number of other shows that the creator has planned.

CEO of producer 101 Studios, David Glasser, had a lot to say about the show’s success:

“As we continue to build out the ‘Yellowstone’ universe, it’s amazing to see that there is an enormous audience out there who is as eager as we are to expand this world in ways that are rivaling the largest film and television franchises in the industry.

We are indebted to the fans who have made that a reality, who make us strive even harder to keep offering even more compelling characters and stories.”

Bob Buchi, president of Worldwide Home Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, also added:

“We are thrilled to be part of the phenomenon that is Yellowstone. The passion from the show’s fans is undeniable, and the support from our digital and physical retail community has been tremendous.

As fandom continues to grow, we look forward to bringing Taylor Sheridan’s iconic series to people who want to relive the experience again and again via home entertainment.”

And that’s why Taylor Sheridan is making the big bucks…

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