Tyler Childers Performing “Shake The Frost” Way Back In 2011 Will Blow Your Mind

If only the people at this show knew what they were watching, a legend in the making.

Prior to the release of his debut album Bottles and Bibles in October of 2011, Tyler stepped foot on the stage at the Huntington Music & Arts Fest and delivered this bone-chilling performance of “Shake The Frost.”

About 20 years old and rocking a killer suit and bow tie, even Tyler didn’t know what his future would hold for him.

A decade later and he’s produced a #1 country record, sold out Red Rocks Amphitheater, sold out an arena tour with Sturgill Simpson (which got canceled due to Covid), and not to mention the number of Gold and Platinum records that he’s released since.

And even at 20 years old, he sounded pretty damn good.

Groom Sings Tyler Childers’ “Shake The Frost” During His Vows

THAT’S how you do some vows.

I got married two years ago in February, and was lucky enough to get the ceremony and the honeymoon in right before COVID happened and the whole world went to shit. But I’ll tell you what… my vows were NOTHING like this.

Sure, I wrote them half an hour before the ceremony while I guzzled down some George Strait Código tequila and little Johnnie Walker Blue Label with my groomsmen, but either way, it wouldn’t have came out like this no matter how hard I worked. I DID however use Tyler Childers “All Your’n” as my wedding song.

Anyways, enough about me, on to the main event right here.

Last year, musician Dustin Smith said “I do” to his wife Tara Ray, and rather than just saying his vows like the rest of us schmucks (myself included), he did what he does best, got our his guitar and performed his vows in song.

And when it comes to finding the words to express how you feel, who really does it better than the great Tyler Childers? Nobody, that’s who. I know that, you know that, and Dustin knows that.

Performing “Shake The Frost,” Dustin’s vows brought his bride to tears, and I can only imagine there weren’t too many dry eyes in the room after that. And best of all, he CRUSHED IT.

Shoutout to Des Moines, Iowa’s Michael Gene Wilson for capturing the magic.

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