Morgan Wallen Weighs In On Friendship With Eric Church: “He’s Always Been My Country Music Hero”

Eric Church and woman fishing

Over the past year or so, we’ve sorta seen Eric Church take Morgan Wallen under his wing, as a musical hero and a mentor to Morgan, but also just as a friend.

Church has brought Wallen out as a surprise guest at one of his concerts in Philly, invited him to take the stage with him at the opening of Justin Timberlake’s Twelve Thirty Club, and the two have also been seen shootin’ the shit on the golf course as well.

Pretty cool, considering Wallen has noted many times how Church is one of his biggest inspirations.

With that being said, Wallen joined Country Countdown USA radio show alongside Lon Helton, and he went in-depth about how their friendship came about:

“I don’t exactly when it was we started hanging out, we went on a golf trip together and ended up fishing. But we started hanging out then, we just became buddies. I guess we kind of have a similar attitude or whatever it is.

I know he doesn’t publicly come out and have a lot of buddies, but he’s always been my country music hero… he’s one of the main reasons that I sing country music.”

He also talked about how Church inspired his songwriting:

“When I first started getting heavily into country music, it was his songwriting and the way he painted the pictures that made me want to do the same.

So it’s really cool to consider him an actual friend now. I’ve just always admired him. I saw him in Knoxville in 2014, a year before I moved here… There was something different about how he approached the whole thing and you could just feel how much it meant to him.

It’s unreal to me to think about that 20-year-old kid being so in tune with what he was doing, so fired up. It’s pretty crazy to think seven years later I’m up there on that same stage with him, and getting to share in those moments with him.

So I think he knows, I hope he knows how much that meant to me.”

Needless to say, the two’s friendship has skyrocketed.

You can check out the full show here:

Fishin’ (and perhaps golfing) in Jordans… gotta love it.

And we can’t forget this video Morgan, Church, Darius Rucker, and HARDY playing “Sand In My Boots” together.

Darius looking like he could use a nap…

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