Alaskan Boy Catches Fish Almost As Big As Him… With A Bow Saw

A fish as big as your body… that sounds like every sport fisherman’s dream.

But unfortunately, one that many don’t get to experience…

For one kid from Alaska, he didn’t have to wait long to catch the fish of a lifetime.

The video captures it all. The boy has the classic ice fishing set up. Line tied to a random object the resembles a fishing rod. In this case a good old fashion bow saw.

It all starts with him bobbing his rod up and down and then the most surprised looking face looks up when he gets a tug.

“Pull it up, son. Keep pulling, keep pulling, ohhhhhh”

The boy keeps pulling with support from his family. The whole crowd gets excited when the fish gets close. Another man comes and pulls out an absolute brute from the hole in the ice.

“It’s a monster”

That about sums it up. It is an absolute monster. A fish a grizzled vet would proud of. Nothing beats being able to see the next generation get into fishing and have experiences like this one.

The boy stands in disbelief staring at his catch. A woman comes over and asks him something, he can be seen shaking his head. One can only imagine it’s him saying he can’t believe what just happened.

That is as good as gets and is also what this is all about… creating a love for the outdoors for generations to come.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock