Oklahoma Police Department Offers “Valentine’s Day Special,” Encourages People To Turn In “Ex-Valentines” With Outstanding Warrants

A rose and a cup of tea

I guess having them arrested is one way to get back at your former Valentine.

At least that’s the offer being made by the Guthrie Police Department in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The Guthrie Police Department took to Facebook this weekend to advertise their “Valentine’s Day Weekend Special,” encouraging people to turn in their “ex-Valentine” who they know has outstanding warrants or is driving with drugs in their car.

According to the post, all you have to do is give the police department their location and they’ll “take care of the rest.”

“This Valentine’s Day Weekend Special starts off with a set of limited-edition silver bracelets, free chauffeured transportation, a one-night minimum stay in luxurious ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ accommodations and professional glamour shots that will be posted online for all to enjoy. This special is capped off with a special Valentine’s dinner and fancy new (sexy) orange pajamas.”


Reaction to the “Valentine’s Day Special” was mixed, with some in the comments finding the post hilarious, while others accused the police department of being insensitive and making light of something that could ruin another person’s life.

And then of course there are the inevitable jokes about marriage and having a Valentine being a lot like jail anyway…

But man, talk about really getting back at an ex.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how many people take them up on the special offer.

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