Armed Intruder Enjoys Bath, Beer, & Shrimp, Apologizes & Leaves $200 For New Mexico Homeowner

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Imagine walking into your house, head up stairs to hop in the shower after a long day at work…

You turn the corner, and there’s a random grown ass man taking a bubble bath, enjoying your beer, with an assault rifle sitting next to him?

And his response:

“I’m sorry, I just wanted a warm place to sleep for the night.”

What do you do?

Do ya show the guy a little sympathy, call the cops, or chase him outta the house with a baseball bat?

These are just things you don’t think about, but apparently, one New Mexico resident faced this exact same obscure situation.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, a man from the village of Melrose in Eastern New Mexico was arrested in Santa Fe after being accused of breaking into a home, and attempting to carjack someone with his assault rifle at the local Church’s Chicken.

The homeowner said he discovered the 34-year-old, identified as Teral Christesson, drinking a beer and eating shrimp when he got home. He had also taken a bath.

Oddly enough, Christesson apologized to the homeowner, claiming he was on the run after his family had been killed in east Texas, and just needed a warm place to sleep. He put $200 on a chair for the window he shattered to break in.

Not to mention, he was toting an AR-style rifle…

The homeowner told the police:

“The male was extremely embarrassed and apologetic about the situation.”

He also said his car had broken down 100 miles from Santa Fe, and was arrested the following day after attempting to carjack a woman in the drive-thru at Church’s Chicken before fleeing the scene.

Documents note that Christesson told the cops that he had been caught in a blizzard, and just needed a place to crash for the night.

However, he did not comment on the attempted carjacking.

He was charged with aggravated burglary, larceny, and criminal damage to property for the Sunday break-in, along with an aggravated assault charge for the attempted carjacking.

Sheesh, this sounds like a movie…

As for the homeowner… get a dog dude.

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