Eagles Safety Anthony Harris Takes Girl To Daddy-Daughter Dance After Her Father Passed Away

Philly Eagles Safety

Not me over here getting a little misty eyed…

So many times, we see professional athletes become larger than life, and hold themselves on a higher pedestal than everybody else.

Of course, that doesn’t go for everybody who’s achieved athletic stardom (there’s plenty of scumbags in every profession), but every so often you see someone go above and beyond… like, Philadelphia Eagles safety Anthony Harris.

According to TMZ Sports, Harris fulfilled an 11-year-old’s dream when he escorted her to her daddy-daughter dance in Texas after her father passed away last year.

Audrey Soape, a big time Harris fan, lost both her father and grandfather recently, and didn’t have anybody to escort her. That’s when Audrey’s mom reached out to the Eagles’ safety, hoping he would fill the role and make her daughter’s dream come true.

The mom, named Holly, knew the chances were slim, but when the Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs, Harris was more than happy to fill in.

Holly said:

“I just asked if he would come, if he’d be willing to come.

And he said, ‘not only will I come, I want to make sure she feels like a princess.'”

Audrey said she learned he was coming a week before the dance, and was incredibly nervous about dancing with her hero.

However, judging by the pics, it looked like it was an incredible night for both her and Harris.

The man even bought her a dress, shoes, and make-up.

He also had a car with a driver come to her house and pick her up.

The 30-year-old told NBC 10:

“Just trying to be a human… trying to take off the helmet, trying to take off the cape of what I do professionally and just show some sympathy for that family and try to show some support there.

You gotta cherish these moments. You never know how long we have here on this Earth.

So, the people that you care about and you love, show support for them.”

Mad respect.

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