Buffalo Wild Wings Waitress Hilariously Misunderstands When A Customer Orders A Screwdriver

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Not many people drinking screwdrivers at Buffalo Wild Wings, eh?

A hilarious mixup was caught on camera at Buffalo Wild Wings when a waitress was a little confused by a customer’s drink order.

The man had asked for a screwdriver – you know, orange juice and vodka.

Is that a weird drink to have with buffalo wings? Probably. But the liver wants what the liver wants.

Well according to the video posted to TikTok apparently the waitress thought he wanted an ACTUAL screwdriver – and to her credit, she actually brought him one.


You get what u ask for eh?! 😭 @lang.anthony @randihc #bdubs #fyp

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As the video picks up, the confused waitress is telling the customer that he “asked for a screwdriver” as the rest of the table laughs at the misunderstanding. The table of guys then clarify that the order was actually for a screwdriver the DRINK and her jaw drops, probably out of embarrassment more than anything, as she realizes the mixup.

The waitress even saw the TikTok and replied in the comments:

“holy moly, that’s me!!! Yeah I really didn’t know why the wanted a screwdriver, but I found one!! Turns out it wasn’t a real screwdriver…”

And I’ve kinda got to side with the waitress here. BW’s is great, but I can’t imagine drinking orange juice with my buffalo wings, so it almost makes more sense that they would want an actual screwdriver as opposed to the drink.

I can’t imagine there are many people ordering screwdrivers (the drink) at Buffalo Wild Wings.

So at least for me, it’s understandable.

Hilarious, but understandable.

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