Koe Wetzel Lands TWO Gold Records For ” Something To Talk About” & “February 28, 2016”

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Every so often, an artist breaks into the country music world and truly transcend the traditional scope of the genre. And that goes for mainstream artists, artists from Texas, the modern day outlaws from the hills of Appalachia… it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what lane of country music you’re in.

At the end of the day, it’s real simple… you either sell records or you don’t. You either put asses in the seats or you don’t.

And right now, there’s a handful of artists who are doing things that nobody else is.

In the mainstream, you have guys like Luke Combs who was shot out of a cannon in the past few years, landing 11 straight #1 singles on country radio, selling out sports arenas and football stadiums, and showing no signs of slowing down.

You have guys like Zach Bryan (whose own Gold record we’ll get to later), an active-duty sailor (at the time) who started making music in makeshift studios during his free time. Now, out of the military and hitting the road, there isn’t a more compelling story in the business. Rabid fans, completely grassroots, from the ground up on YouTube… is magical.

And the you have Koe Wetzel, the country-ish rockstar from Pittsburgh, Texas, who’s an enigmatic mix of Nirvana meets Cross Canadian Ragweed meets Post Malone… and you want to talk about putting asses in the seats? The crowds this man can drawl would put artists with #1 singles to shame.

And today, Koe Wetzel has officially landed not one, but TWO Gold Certified records off his 2017 Noise Complaint record.

Not an ounce of radio play on mainstream country radio, not an ounce of major label promotion/distribution… just a guy doing it his own way, playing shows across the country, and connecting with fans everywhere he goes… a trailblazer in every sense of the word.

Recently we’ve seen artists like Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers, and Whiskey Myers accomplish the same feat (Jinks goin’ Platinum), and even Zach Bryan (like I said, blog coming soon) as well, but make no mistake people, it’s fucking phenomenal accomplishment.

“Something To Talk About” and “February 28, 2016” are GOLD FUCKING RECORDS.

“Man, we cut these songs in a bathroom in 2016. Now they’re Gold.

Can’t express how much love I have for all of y’all that has fucked with us and the music over the years. Thank y’all again, here’s to many more.”

Next stop… the MOON.

“Something To Talk About”

“February 28, 2016”

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