A Jacksonville Jaguars Sponsor Is Suing To Get Out Of Having Their Name On The Team’s Season Finale “Clown Game”

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Nobody wants to be associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars these days.

The program is an absolute dumpster fire (and that may be an insult to dumpster fires) after a 2-14 season and the Urban Meyer mess earlier this year.

And coming into today’s season finale, Jags fans sent a message to team owner Shad Khan about the state of their team – by dressing up like clowns.

Well apparently the game’s title sponsor (hell, I didn’t even know regular season games had title sponsors) doesn’t care to be associated with the “clown game” – and now they’re suing the team to get their name removed and some of their money back.

RoofClaim.com signed a $600,000 deal back in August to be the sponsor for today’s game against the Colts, as part of a 4-year contract worth more than $2.5 million. But now, according to a lawsuit filed in Duval County Circuit Court, the company wants nothing to do with the Jags.

The company claims that their contract with the Jaguars contains an “opt-out” clause that was based on Urban Meyer’s employment. And since Urban was fired by the team, they should be able to opt out of the contract.

But even more brutal, RoofClaim.com claims that the Jags have “created such a toxic environment around its brand” that the sponsorship is now likely to cause harm to the company.


The company is seeking $3o,000 in damages, and wants to avoid being “emphasized as the primary sponsor of the clown game.”

For their part, the Jaguars called the lawsuit “baseless and without merit” and vowed to fight to enforce the terms of the agreement.

“We are in receipt of the complaint filed by RoofClaim.

It is baseless and without merit, and contradictory to the very terms RoofClaim.com negotiated in its sponsorship agreement earlier this year. We will exhaustively protect our interests in this matter at every turn.”

Man, I keep saying that it can’t get any worse for the Jaguars, but it just keeps getting worse.

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