Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: John Dutton And Garrett Randall Face Off In The Diner

Episode nine of Season 4 of Yellowstone dropped Sunday, and that means we have yet another intriguing discussion between Jefferson White (Jimmy ), Ian Bohen (Ryan), and Denim Richards (Colby) for Episode 29 of “Stories From The Bunkhouse.”

We learn in episode nine that Carter is a wiz at cards, and he absolutely destroys everybody on the table. The three discuss how he ain’t scared to talk a little shit on the poker table too.

They also hilariously discuss John Dutton’s comments about “working with a bunch of pirates,” and explain what an episode of “Piratestone” would be like.

The episode then transitions to Carter learning horsemanship, and the three talk about how cool it was to see, knowing they had to learn the same thing Finn Little (Carter) did.

They also talk about how great it is having Kevin Costner and Forrie J. Smith there to help teach them the ropes of horsemanship.

Jefferson White then talks about Jimmy’s new relationship with Emily, and how he quickly begins to feel like she’s apart of his life.

Then, it transitions to John Dutton and Garrett Randall coming face to face for the first time in the show.

White says:

“This is sort of the first time we see John Dutton and Garrett come face to face in this diner this time, and that’s amazing because it sort of feels like Jaime’s two fathers, effectively, two guys who’ve found themselves on opposite ends, this sort of battle for Jaime’s soul.

John Dutton was involved in Garrett going to jail all those years ago. They had this huge history that’s just been stewing for years and years and years.”

Both of those guys are such titans too. It’s so exciting to see them bounce off each other.”

Check it out:

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