New Jersey Home Rigs Up “Killer Christmas” Display, And Shocker… The Neighbors Don’t Like It

Christmas decorations

Not exactly the jolly Saint Nick you were expecting?

One New Jersey household seemingly mixed Halloween with Christmas this year, erecting what they called a “Killer Christmas” display.

According to New York Post, the homeowner, Kris Campbell, wanted to take a page out of the Tim Burton playbook:

“The last few years, we’ve done the typical Christmas thing. … I always wanted to do something a little bit darker, like a nightmare before Christmas.”

His wife was less than thrilled, but could at least appreciate the effort:

“He’s very creative and I’m happy that he did it. I don’t love it but I can see all the hard work and effort.”

Needless to say, the neighbors aren’t exactly fans either.

Here’s a few responses from various anonymous neighbors:

“I don’t like it. It’s not for Christmas.”

“I’m too close to them. No comment.”

“I saw the bright light from down the street, but when I pulled up to the house I was … shocked by what I saw.”

“During what is supposed to be a season of joy, it’s disturbing to see such a gruesome take on the holiday in my own town. It’s especially upsetting for those with small children, since the decorations are far from jolly.”

Granted, I don’t have to live next door to them, but I think it’s pretty cool. I mean, how many times do you really need to see a reindeer on someone’s yard?

You be the judge…

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