Carly Pearce And Ashley McBryde Take Us Behind The Scenes Of Their “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” Music Video

Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde are giving us an inside look at the behind-the-scenes process of filming the video for their current single, “Never Wanted To Be That Girl”.

I loved the video from the first time I saw it, mainly because it was so well done and actually told a very unique and interesting story, but also because Carly and Ashley are both great actresses.

Directed by Carly’s road photographer, Alexa Campbell, Carly wanted her to do the video because she understood their vision from a woman’s perspective and brought in some unique ideas that really shaped the whole video:

“She’s always wanted to direct, that’s kind of her thing. And when I read her treatment, bringing in so much about the girls just as little girls, it just really pulled on my heart strings.

And I told her, I’m not doing this because I love you. I’m doing this because I think you understand me, and I think you understand the vision of this as a woman of how this actually feels.”

Ashley adds this:

“I loved the treatment, and I hadn’t thought of involving a younger Carly and a younger Ashley.

Because I mean, she’s so right in the treatment when you read young girls pretty much love what they see in the mirror, and the older we get, sometimes we don’t. The juxtaposition of that is beautiful.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. I loved that part of the video, too, and it really drives home the essence of the song in that I don’t think any girl ever grows up dreaming of being in either one of their positions.

And possibly the most unique part of it all is the fact the two women never actually meet face-to-face. They find out about each other, and even cross each other at an intersection (without knowing it), but they never have any sort of real confrontation or meeting that we see.

Carly says that ambiguity is what makes it so special:

“I think what makes this song so special is, you don’t really know if the women ever meet each other. And so to me, this is such a cool performance shot, because we’re back to back. And I don’t think you see that very often.”

Check out the whole video here:

And the full music video if you haven’t seen it yet:

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