Our Country “Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck” Playlist Is A Must-Listen This Holiday Season

George Strait country music

With such a limited amount of new music out towards the end of the year, our weekly New Music Friday playlist is looking a little thin.

So, we’re calling in some country Christmas classics for backup.

We posed the question to Twitter and got a ton of great responses.

Everybody in their mother has a Christmas album these days, but the Whiskey Riffers showed up big time with all of the classics. We’re talking Alan, George, Dolly, Willie, Kacey, and my all-time favorite… Alabama Christmas.

And let’s face it, a lot of Christmas music sucks… it’s played out, it’s overdone, but when most artists try something new and original, it ends ups being pretty corny.

So, we took the opportunity to compile a quick playlist of some of our favorite country Christmas songs…. songs that definitely don’t suck.

Merry Christmas from the Whiskey Riff family.


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