Brian Laundrie, Kyle Rittenhouse, ‘Squid Games,’ & More Top Google’s “Year In Search 2021”

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Honestly, this is one of my favorite year end lists.

Each year Google puts out the most searched things and it’s typically a good time.

It’s pretty much the best way to see what people cared the most about, wanted to learn about, or for one reason or another… were interested in.

It can also remind you of some ridiculous online trends that popped up for seemingly no reason and disappeared just as quickly (Remember Gangnam Style and Kony 2012? Those were the good old days…)

Well, the 2021 list is here.

The most popular search in the US was “NBA”.


Not sure if basketball suddenly became super popular or people got really upset about the China situation but I don’t think anyone saw that one coming.

Rounding out the top 4 overall were late rapper “DMX”, “Gabby Petito”, “Kyle Rittenhouse” and “Brian Laundrie”.

The News searches proved people were really looking for some cash this year with “Mega Millions,” “AMC Stock,” and “Stimulus Check” topping the list.

“Squid Games” was the Number 1 searched show, “The Boston Red Sox” were the most searched team, and Oliva Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” was the top song searched.

“Alec Baldwin” topped the list of most searched actors and “Tiger Woods” was the most searched athlete after announcing his comeback.

Now for some of my favorites, the How To & Meme sections.

How To Be…

  • Eligible for stimulus check (Still after that cash money)
  • More attractive (That Covid weight will get you)
  • Happy alone (Being home alone will get you thinking)
  • A baddie (The Cardi B effect)
  • A good boyfriend (Cause it’s harder than you’d think, okay?)

How To Pronounce…

  • Dogecoin (Big year for crypto…)
  • Michael Jackson (Who doesn’t know how to say MJ’s name??)
  • Quinoa (Those superfoods will get you…)
  • Kamala (Is it Kam-ala or Ka-mala? I still don’t know…)
  • Elon Musk sons name (X Æ A-12? Come on that’s an easy one)

And of course, last but not least…

The Most Popular Meme of the Year

The Bernie Sanders Mittens…

Here’s more from the full list:




A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock