Randall King Announces New EP, ‘Honky Tonk BS,’ Will Be Available Exclusively At Live Shows

Randall King country music

Looks like it’s time to get your ass to a Randall King concert.

Last week Randall teased an upcoming EP, Honky Tonk BSAnd today, he announced that the new project would be an “underground EP,” only available for purchase at his live shows starting this Thursday, December 9.

“This industry is built on live music. It’s built on hard ticket sales.

We’ve worked our asses off over the years to build our live show.

So what we’ve done, we’ve created a 5-song EP. This project, this EP, is only available for purchase at our live shows.

Because I wanted to give something back to the people that are actually coming out, buying a hard ticket, coming to see us, honky tonkin’ with us.”

Randall has been teasing a new project for a while now and even released a few songs here and there.

But while we wait on that new full-length album, you can still get a taste of some new Randall King music if you hit up one of his live shows.

And if you’ve never seen Randall live, I’ll tell you that he puts on one hell of a show. He’s full throttle honky tonkin’ – and it’s a hell of a time. (Or as one fan describes it in the announcement video, it’s “big dick energy.”)

I’ve seen him three times now (I think – they all get kinda blurry after a few longnecks) and I can promise you it’s one of the best live shows you’ll see.

I also have a feeling it won’t be long before Randall’s playing much bigger venues than he’s in now, so if you want to see him in a honky tonk while you still have a chance, being able to pick up a brand new “underground EP” while you’re there is a great excuse to get your ass out to a show.

Not that I need an excuse to get out to another Randall King show.

Here’s a little taste of Randall singing my favorite song of his at a live show if you still need convincing:

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A beer bottle on a dock