Randall King Shares Heartfelt Post About Debut Album On Instagram, Teases New Album Coming SOON

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Get excited, because Randall King may have a new album coming VERY soon.

He shared a touching post on Instagram to celebrate his self-titled, debut album turning three years old today.

Here’s what he said about what that first record meant to him:

“3 years ago today, we dropped a record that changed my life. My team gave me a huge opportunity and took a chance on me by setting me up in the big city of Nashville to play ball with the big boys in the studios and see what I had in me.

They gave me the chance to record 13 songs in the high end studio with A-class players and produce my first record (on the hardest time crunch of my life). They took it easy on me the first day and I recorded 4 songs in 3 hours just to get my feet wet… the next day… 8 songs in 6 hours.

I was sweating bullets but movin and steerin the train, puttin down songs I’d been writin over a couple years. They believed in me when no one else even looked my way.”

And, of course, he threw in that last line at the end about a new record in the works…

“Here’s to more music and a new record comin out soon!”

I really hope that means we’re going to get some sort of date or official announcement ASAP… maybe even a new song (fingers crossed).

He’s a name you need to know, too, as he is signed to a Nashville label but is classic, Texas country to the core. Along with touring around the lone star state and getting back out on the road playing live shows, he’s been dropping a few new, unreleased tracks on his social channels that are hopefully going to make the cut on this next project.

He shared a few new ones on TikTok, and most recently put one on Instagram called “Airport Mornin'” that I already love:

If this next record is going to be anything like the first, buckle up because it’s about to be GOOD.

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