Drink Yourself Through Christmas With The Miller Lite “Beernament”

Miller Lite

Ahh, I still remember those days when putting up the Christmas tree, ornaments, and stockings were fun when I was a little kid.

Then again, my dad was always the one struggling to get the damn thing through the front door, and my mom was the one left to clean up all the garbage that fell off it.

Once I was at the age where my dad began to ask me to help him get the tree in the house, I realized that it straight up wasn’t a good time.

Yeah yeah, the Christmas festivities aren’t quite as fun as it was when you were seven years old.

However, there are a few Christmas decorations that can compensate for all of the holiday madness…

Or at least a little bit.

Enter the Beernament, brought to you by good ol’ Miller Lite.

You can use them as koozies that “fit snugly” around your eight ounce beer, and can be hung directly on the tree after you’re finished with it.

Talk about a two for one.

The ornaments are bought in six-packs, and go on sale tomorrow at 3 PM ET. You can find them at Beernaments.com for the low, low price of $19.75.

The site says:

“Once enjoyed, Beernaments can be hung on Christmas trees for all to behold by simply using the tab and hook.”

Sofia Colucci, VP of Miller Family of Brands, added:

“We know that people are looking forward to more intimate holiday celebrations this year, which means more Miller Time with close friends and loved ones.

Our Beernaments are not only hilarious, but a great way to keep the holidays bright for beer lovers everywhere, from drinks to decor.”

Nothing like a six pack to help get you through the holidays with the family…


Miller Lite

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