‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Details How Ranching Impacts His Filmmaking

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Right now, Taylor Sheridan is the hottest commodity in television.

Yellowstone is the biggest show on TV, Mayor Of Kingstown starring Jeremy Renner is fire, and the upcoming 1883 is guaranteed to be badass as well. Not to mention, he’s locked himself into a long contract to expand the Yellowstone world even further.

The man has established himself as one of the greatest TV show creators ever, and he’s just getting started.

Perhaps the coolest part about Sheridan, is that he makes appearances on his own shows, as he plays Travis, a cowboy from Texas on Yellowstone.

But he doesn’t just portray a cowboy in the show, he is a cowboy in real life.

The show released a small segment of Sheridan, titled “Ranching with Taylor Sheridan,” where he explains ranching and what it means to him, how the lifestyle impacts his filmmaking, and it brings an authenticity to the shows he’s working on:

In the video, he says:

“I strive for authenticity, I strive to show people the world I grew up in. The jobs in the American west haven’t changed over the past century. You still do the job the same way in order to get food on the table. It involves a horse, it involves a rider, it involves your hands.

There’s few jobs that are a way of life. If you’re ranching, or you’re farming, your job is your way of life. You’re never off duty, there is no clock to punch. So, at the end of the day, we are just parents. You’re a parent to the thing you raise, you’re a parent to the animals who help you raise the food.

You wake up every morning and you take care of everything. You feed it, you water it, you doctor it, you teach it, and then occasionally, you have to chase it off into the sunrise.

So, it just comes back to authenticity. I don’t rehearse with my actors. There’s no way to inform those on what this way of life is, you just have to do it.

The better I can make them understand the thing they’re acting out, the better the performance is, the more authentic the scenes look, and it looks real. I just take my actors and put them to work.”

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