Missouri Hunter Bags A 16-Point Doe, The Second One In Two Weeks

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I mean, what’re the odds ?

A couple weeks ago, we reported about a man in Virginia who bagged a 20-point antlered doe.

And as rare of an occurrence as that is, we have yet another kill reported out of The Show-Me State.

According to The Kansas City Star, a Missouri hunter shot and killed a 16-point “buck,” but after inspecting the deer, he realized that it was a doe.

Samuel Perotti had noticed this 16-pointer on his game camera in the past, and finally had the chance to bag it once he finally saw it in sight.

Once he realized what he had just killed, he immediately contacted a conservation agent who met up with him, and the agent described the doe as a “unique harvest.”

To put things into perspective, antlers grow on does once every 5,000 does who are born.

Although a rarity no doubt, there have been numerous reports of antlered doe over the years. However, it is even more rare to see antlered doe with this many points, as most have much smaller antlers.

The reasoning behind these kinds of instances can be due to elevated testosterone, although the doe is usually still able to reproduce.

“Monroe County Agent Jessica Filla received a call over firearms deer season about an antlered doe harvested in her county.

She met up with Samuel Perotti, who shot this 16-point deer on his property. Perotti said he had captured pictures of the deer on his game camera, and was surprised to find out it was actually a doe.

Congrats on this unique harvest.”

Does be juicin…

ANTLERED DOE: Monroe County Agent Jessica Filla received a call over firearms deer season about an antlered doe…

Posted by Missouri Dept. of Conservation on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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